Liquid Proof Universal Isolation Gown

UjENA Dental
1350-C Pear Ave
Mountain View CA 94043

Universal Isolation gown in liquid proof, 100% non-woven polyester fabric is the best way to protect you and your staff. The Universal gown is a confortable fit in One Size fits most, 5'2" to 6'2". The mandarin collar offers protection around the neck and is easily adjusted with a tie at the back of neck for the right comfort and fit. The waist ties can be simply tied from the back or wraped around to the front. Designed to be washble many times over!

All of our products are crafted in our company owned factories. These gowns are washable. They are sold in packges of one dozen units. This is our most popular style. Unisex One size fits most (Standard 5'2" to 6'2") Mandarin Collar (2" high) Adjustable draw string at back of neck Raglan shoulder Reglan Sleeve 34" from collar seam to wrist Firm flexable fit cardigan at wrists Adjustable ties from back and around waist Waist measures comfortable for 28" to 48" Length (from neck to hem) 47" Liquid Proof 100% nonwoven Polyester

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