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Bob and Catherine Anderson enjoy traveling and look forward to get back to it. This photo was taken on a trip to London in 2019.

MEET THE FOUNDERS of this website and UjENA Dental (PPE by UjENA)

Bob Anderson is the CEO and Founder of UjENA, an American sportswear and swimwear company established in 1984.

All UjENA product has been designed and manufactured by his company. He has two company owned factories and offices. One in Mountain View, California and a much larger one in La Piedad, Mexico.

Bob founded PPE by UjENA on April 9, 2020 to help stop the spread of COVID-19. First with cloth face masks and then on May 14, with the encouragement of his dentist Dr. Daniel Araldi, the first PPE Isolation Gowns were produced in his Mexico factory.

"With the support of over 100 dental offices in the first month, we are moving forward with this project," says Bob Anderson.

Catherine Anderson is the head designer for UjENA and now PPE by UjENA. She is working very closely with Dr. Dan Araldi and other dentists to come up with PPE type product that will serve their needs.

"Very quickly we realized that there was a need for our services but we also wanted to give back right away too," says Bob Anderson. "This is why we created our website We want to do more than just sell gowns."

Bob has a background in publishing and marketing too. In 1966 at the age of 17 he wanted to run the Boston Marathon. He couldn't find any information about running a marathon. So he started a magazine called Runner's World with $100 he had saved up mowing lawns. He built RW into a $25 million dollar company with readership at 2.5 million monthly. He sold RW in 1984. He finally ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 clocking 3:32:17 at age 65.

Bob runs and walk at least 30 miles per week now. A lot of it with his little dog Daisy. Catherine rides her bike and can't wait to get back to her three times a week workouts with her trainer.

Catherine and Bob will be celebrating 25 years together on November 1. They have four grandchildren, two cats and one dog. And they both still enjoy working a lot.

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