Michigan Dental Association

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The Michigan Dental Association (MDA) has represented dentistry since its founding in 1856, but we’re more than just a professional organization of 5,900 dentists. The MDA is dedicated to ensuring that Michigan residents receive the highest quality oral health care. We advance this goal through advocacy for the dental profession and dental patients with state government, and through statewide initiatives that expand access and promote oral health literacy.

Our charitable activities help fund clinics and educational programs across the state, improving the lives of thousands of people. Our members offer free services to help uninsured veterans, low-income, elderly and other underserved Michiganders.

The Michigan Dental Association represents our state’s primary oral health connection. This connection is shown by the level of commitment our dedicated people have in protecting the profession and believing that everyone deserves a healthy smile!

Educating Michigan adults on the importance of oral health is a top priority for the MDA. Over the last thirty years, we have committed to educating people throughout Michigan with a $1 million annual statewide public education campaign. This advertising campaign focuses on connecting people to the credible information and care they need to maintain a healthy smile.

With more people searching online to find quick information about everything these days, including how to take care of their teeth, much of our campaign is focused on digital platforms. Smilemichigan.com is Michigan’s primary resource for oral health information. Whether you are a new mom wondering when you should take your baby in for that first dental visit, or a recent grad who landed that first professional job and you have no idea what a dental insurance plan is - the Smile Connection blog on smilemichigan.com is the place to find up-to-date information on all things related to your smile.

Helping Michigan residents find an MDA dentist is another focus for the public education campaign. Smilemichigan.com includes the MDA Find-a-Dentist tool to help anyone in Michigan find an MDA dentist in their area. Over 4,000 people use this tool every month to help them find a dentist. When it comes to your oral health, it is important to get information and find care from a trusted source. The MDA knows that increasing the public’s awareness and education about oral health is one key to helping them protect their smile throughout their lives.

The Michigan Dental Association Foundation (MDAF) is the charitable organization of the MDA focused on improving dental health throughout Michigan. The MDAF is able to impact the lives of thousands of Michiganders due to fundraising initiatives that provide support to clinics and charities educating and providing care throughout the state. For example, over the last five years, $300,000 in grants were provided to clinics throughout Michigan. These clinics provided care to over 126,900 people who wouldn’t ordinarily receive care.

Another impactful MDAF program is the Michigan Mission of Mercy (MOM) held every two years. The MOM is a charitable, two-day program during which thousands of volunteers provide free dental care to those in need. Since 2013, the MOM has provided more than $4 million in free dental care with over 5,100 patients treated. The impact that the MOM has on Michigan’s underserved is remarkable. Some patients come to the program in severe pain or haven’t been able to smile in years. To be able to receive the care they need in one day and walk out healthier, with a smile on their face, demonstrates the impact of the MDAF’s commitment and compassion.

Volunteer dentists participating with the Michigan Donated Dental Services (DDS) program use their expertise to provide free comprehensive dental treatment to thousands of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents. The DDS program provides free, once-in-a-lifetime, desperately needed oral health care to elderly, permanently disabled or medically fragile patients who need extensive dental care, but lack the resources to obtain it. In many cases, dental treatment must be completed in order to begin treatment of a serious illness – so this dental care can even be life-saving. Not only are DDS volunteer dentists restoring smiles, but giving hope to those who have no other option.

Through a generous annual grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the donation of services from dentists and dental laboratories, the Michigan Donated Dental Services (DDS) program is now active in all counties throughout Michigan. The program is a licensee of Dental Lifeline Network. More than 800 volunteer dentists provided over $1.1 million in donated treatment in 2018. DDS volunteer dentists provided an average of $3,872 in dental care to 245 patients.

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