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The My Best Dentists (MBD) website was officially launched June 15, 2020. The mission of the site is to feature deserving Dentists working in the United States. These are challenging times and if we can help YOU bring back patients and help find new ones then we feel we have succeeded. lists dentists from all over the United States. The Dentists who are closest to the patients location will appear first. We are also featuring all 63 accredited Dental schools in the US. The top 12 are in order of rank based on QS University Rankings for 2020.

The My Best Dentists Journal are stories covering the dental world. Much of this content is being contributed by those Dentists who are featured. The idea of the site is to bring attention to as many worthy dentists as possible.

Many more features will be added as we go along. We would like to get your feedback. If there is something you'd like us to add, just let us know!

The editor and publisher of MBD is Bob Anderson. He has been involved with publishing (both print and digital) for over 50 years. He has worked with Waitman Gobble, our webmaster, for over 15 years. These two along with our editors have created this site.

MBD is presented and sponsored by PPE by UjENA. This is a division of UjENA, an American Apparel company that was founded by Bob Anderson in 1984.

How can you get featured? By just being a PPE by UjENA client you will be featured on My BEST Dentists.



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