Aarhus University School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry
Vennelyst Blvd. 9
Aarhus Denmark 8000


The department's mission is to promote dental, oral and maxillofacial public health through research, education and talent development on a high international level, as well as to communicate and interact with society in general within this field.



The department's mission of promoting dental, oral and maxillofacial public health is to be achieved by:

being a leading international knowledge centre within odontology and oral health and participating in interdisciplinary activities with a view to qualifying efforts to improve dental, oral and maxillofacial public health, as well as oral health-related quality of life. being internationally recognised for combining research-based knowledge and practice.

Carrying out research within the odontological field of study and strengthening the knowledge base within prevention and health promotion, diagnostics, control of disease activity and the treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases.

Having research career paths for the whole odontology field and an attractive research environment based on diversity, interdisciplinarity and collaboration combined with key competences and specialisation.

Training the 'odontological team' – consisting of dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, clinical dental technicians and dental surgery assistants – so they are competent, collaborative and reflective practitioners of their profession for the benefit of dental, oral and maxillofacial public health; being an attractive and diverse place of study for all degree programmes with a high degree of employer satisfaction.

Ensuring that the department's degree programmes continuously match current needs; being a centre for further and continuing education of dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, clinical dental technicians and dental surgery assistants.

Endeavouring to ensure that the odontological aspects are included in research projects and health initiatives which are targeted at public health in general.

Being an attractive workplace that is able to attract, develop and retain highly qualified employees, where collaboration is based on trust, equality and respect.


The section treats children and adults who require orthodontics. Both odontology students and dental specialist students who have graduated as dentists before becoming dental specialists in orthodontics via a three-year further education and training programme, are taught at the section. Several foreign dentists participate in the international three-year further education programme.

If you wish to become a patient at the section, you can read more on the School of Dentistry website.


The section is home to extensive research within treatment methods and biological mechanisms behind changes to the maxillofacial area and dental arch.

Find out more about research at the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health.


The Section for Orthodontics offers a number of courses in orthodonti.

International Short-term programme in Orthodontics International Long-term programme in Orthodontics Overview of the department's other programmes.

Map of Aarhus University School of Dentistry School of Dentistry, Vennelyst Blvd. 9, Aarhus Denmark 8000

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