Malmo University Faculty of Odontology

School of Dentistry
Nordenskioldsgatan 1
Malmo Sweden 211 19

The Faculty of Odontology — excellence since 1948.- The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University is one of the world’s leading institutes for dental education and research. It was established in 1948 and is regarded as one of the most influential centres of excellence in Scandinavia for oral and dental research. The high quality of both education and research has been maintained and improved over the years and has resulted in an institution with an excellent international reputation, including several awards and nominations. The faculty’s international profile attracts staff and students from all over the world.

Our international Master's programme offers dentistry graduates a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge and clinical skills to meet the demands of contemporary practice. We offer a two-year master's programme with clinical training in one of several dental subareas

Malmö University, is a Swedish university located in Malmö, Sweden. With more than 24,000 students and about 1,600 employees (academic and administrative), Malmö University is the ninth largest institute of learning in Sweden. It has exchange agreements with more than 240 partner universities around the world and roughly a third of the students have an international background. Education at Malmö University focuses on, among other things, migration, international relations, political science, sustainability, urban studies, and new media and technology. It often includes elements of internship and project work in close cooperation with external partners.

Located at Universitetsholmen in the centre of the city, the university has played an important role in the transformation of Malmö from an industrial town to a centre of learning. A large part of the campus was constructed on grounds which, up to the mid-1980s, belonged to the Kockums shipyard, which had been a key element of naval-industrial Malmö.

While this institution was founded as a university college ("högskola") in 1998, the Swedish minister for higher education and research conferred full university status on January 1, 2018.

In 2007, by government initiative, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education employed an international expert committee to find and award the top five highest quality education areas among all universities and colleges in Sweden. The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University was awarded one of these distinctions ("Centre of Excellence in Higher Education"). The other awards went to Linköping University (Medicine and Control Theory/Vehicle Engineering), Royal Institute of Technology (Vehicle Engineering), and Umeå University (History).

The Faculty of Odontology is located next to the train station Triangeln in Malmö. Its educational programmes lead to a degree as a dental hygienist, dentist or dental technician. The research spans through a broad spectrum: from molecular biological studies of oral tissues to wide-ranging studies of oral health in different generations, social classes and international cultures. The dental clinic is one of the region’s largest with more than 10,000 patients each year.

Map of Malmo University Faculty of Odontology School of Dentistry, Nordenskioldsgatan 1, Malmo Sweden 211 19

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