University of Brescia School of dentistry

School of Dentistry
Piazza del Mercado #15
Brescia BS 25121

Why study Dentistry at the University of Brescia?

The purpose of the Study Programme in Dentistry is to develop graduates having the scientific basic background and technical-practical training needed to act as professional dentists.

Students shall acquire an adequate level of professional, decisional and operative autonomy in order to deal with health issues of healthy or ill people, in relation to the surrounding environment, including in line with the Health&Wealth mission of the University, which aims to promote the “health and wellbeing of people in the environment”.

The ultimate objective is to attain adequate skills and experience, combined with the ability to autonomously assess, face and responsibly resolve priority health issues from a prevention, diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation viewpoint. Furthermore, graduates will develop an integrated approach to individuals at risk and ill people, critically assessing the clinical as well as the relational, educational, social and ethical aspects involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and in the recovery of the greatest possible psychophysical wellbeing.

Dentistry graduates are health care professionals who perform activities related to the diagnosis and therapy of illnesses and congenital and acquired disorders of the teeth, the mouth, the jaw bones and their tissues, as well as to prevention and dentistry rehabilitation.

They carry out their professional activity in public or private health facilities, as employees or self-employed professionals.

100% of graduates are in full- or part-time employment during the first year after their graduation. Most employment opportunities are in the private sector.

The University of Brescia, is an Italian public research university located in Brescia, Italy. It was founded in 1982 and is branched in 4 Faculties.

The University of Brescia was officially established in 1982 with three Schools: Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Economics and Business. However, the creation phase lasted nearly two decades, so the first attempts to open university courses in Brescia go back to the 1960s.

A first initiative came from the Chamber of Commerce and the Provincial Administration, which opened negotiations in the early 1960s to set up a two-year course in Engineering as a branch of Politecnico di Milano. The excessive financial requirements caused the project to lapse. After this first attempt, the creation of the future Schools of Brescia moved along two distinct paths, one concerning the School of Economics, the other those of Engineering and Medicine. In the field of economic studies, in 1964 a School of Industrial Administration was created, offering two-year courses. The creation of the Schools of Engineering and Medicine had a different history. The idea of setting up a university pole in Brescia, following the first failed attempt in the early 1960s, regained strength in the second half of the decade with the birth of the Consorzio Universitario Bresciano (CUB), promoted by the Provincial Administration, the Municipality of Brescia and the Chamber of Commerce.

Map of University of Brescia School of dentistry School of Dentistry, Piazza del Mercado #15, Brescia BS 25121

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