School of Dental Sciences Newcastle University

School of Dental Medicine
Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne UK NE2 4BW

We want our School to be a world leader in academic oral health:

looking forwards and outwards in everything we do ensuring our relevance to the population acting as a focal point for dentistry and oral health in the region Here are some of our key aims in areas central to our daily activity.

Research We aim to undertake world class research, relevant to oral and general health.

Teaching and learning We aim to deliver courses that meet the agreed standards of our regulatory bodies. In the case of our undergraduate degrees, this is the General Dental Council.

We provide our students with an outstanding experience and opportunity for learning.

Engagement We want to utilise our assets, including our staff and students':

research skills knowledge educational skills clinical skills This will benefit society and its health.

We want to develop emerging commercial opportunities in our areas of expertise.

Internationalism We want the School to be a global brand, recognised for quality and relevance of its provision.

Sustainability We want to manage the School in a sustainable manner.

The School boasts more than 500 people working in all aspects of oral and dental health. This includes:

students teachers researchers scholars support staff We share our life here with hundreds of people working for the NHS:

clinicians nurses ancillary and support staff We also interact with thousands of patients who we provide care for every day. It’s a real team effort, recognised as outstanding by Care Quality Commission Inspectors.

Our philosophy Our philosophy is simple - to look forward and outward in all we do. We work hard to:

deliver world-class education and training excel in relevant research seek innovation in our clinical and community service nurture a friendly, positive and supportive atmosphere Up-to-date facilities We’re privileged to enjoy some of the best and most up-to-date facilities in the country.

Approachable staff We have strong and approachable staff. Their blend of clinical, research and teaching skills enrich the learning environment.

We work in one of the loveliest and friendliest areas of the country.

Map of School of Dental Sciences Newcastle University School of Dental Medicine, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne UK NE2 4BW

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