UIC Barcelona Faculty of Dentistry

School of Dentistry
Carrer de la Inmaculada #22
Barcelona Spain 08017

The Faculty of Dentistry is aimed at training students in scientific knowledge, technical dental skills and in the treatment and rehabilitation of oral diseases within the framework of an integrated clinic. The main objective is to train professionals with an attitude open to the attention of people and with a spirit of service to society.

Located on the Sant Cugat Campus, it offers undergraduate studies in Dentistry, as well as a wide variety of postgraduate, master's, doctoral and continuing education courses in all dental areas: Prosthesis, Surgery, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Gerodontology and Preventive dental. An official master's degree in basic science research is also offered.

In the Faculty of Dentistry, research and cooperation with the dental industry, knowledge of new technologies, as well as international relations with other universities are some of the priority axes of the studies.

The Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry at UIC Barcelona will help you become a future professional who is capable of using good judgement and technical skill to prevent, treat and rehabilitate oral and dental disease. The solid academic education we provide is complemented by intensive hands-on training in the University Dental Clinic right from year one.

The programme provides knowledge of the structure and function of the oral cavity and teeth, the biomechanics of a normal and pathological dental apparatus and the most innovative techniques and procedures for treating these conditions.

Our curriculum places particular emphasis on basic sciences. We believe that, in order to achieve a solid scientific education, you must face practical challenges before graduation. Our University Dental Clinic is equipped with the cutting-edge technology required in 21st-century dentistry.


Our education is target-based. The Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry will provide:

The ability to appreciate the need for professional development and continuing education.

-The ability to efficiently use advances in knowledge and technology.

-The values necessary for understanding the patient's central role in the therapeutic decision-making process.

Who is it intended for? Prospective students:

- If you have a calling to serve society in the area of health and science, this could be the right profession for you. We do, however, recommend that prospective students have a background in health sciences.

At UIC Barcelona, we work to enhance the following abilities:

- Discipline, memory and dedication.

- Quick decision-making skills.

- Psychological skills and empathy.

- Emotional balance.

- An interest in research.

- Responsibility and observation.


- Empathy towards other people's pain.

Resilience Competences: Graduates:

-By the time you finish your degree you will have acquired the competences necessary to work as a dentist.

-These competences comprise the knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and technical skills you need at graduation to deal with the full range of situations that may surface in everyday

practice: Professionalism:

-Professional conduct.

-As a dentist you must have up-to-date knowledge and understand the broad range of issues affecting dentistry.

You must be proficient in a wide variety of skills:

searching, research, analysis, problem solving, the handling of materials and instruments, planning, communication, coordination and teamwork, and understand how they are relevant to dentistry.

-Ethics and case law:

As a dentist you must be aware of and understand the moral and ethical responsibilities involved in providing individual and community health care, as well as the current regulations governing dentistry.

Communication and personal skills:

As a dentist you must be able to competently establish effective communication with patients, family members and close relatives, as well as with other health professionals involved in patient care.

Basic knowledge, information handling and critical thinking:

As a dentist you must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of basic biomedical, general medical, technical and clinical sciences in order to understand the normal and pathological conditions relevant to dentistry. You must also know how to competently apply this information in critical situations.

Compilation of clinical information:

As a dentist you must be proficient when it comes to taking and recording a patient's general clinical and oral health record. This will include biological, medical, psychological and social information needed to assess the oral health of patients of all ages. You must be able to perform an appropriate physical examination, interpret the clinical findings and order any additional diagnostic tests that you feel are necessary.

Diagnosis and treatment planning:

As a dentist you must be competent when it comes to making decisions, providing rationale and performing clinical trials aimed at developing a provisional or confirmed diagnosis of the disease, including the interpretation of the patient's clinical records and data from clinical examinations, X-rays or any other diagnostic test. You must be able to formulate diagnoses and treatment plans for patients of all ages and conditions.

Achieving and maintaining good oral health: By the time you finish your degree you must be able to:

- Educate patients and provide patients of all ages and conditions comprehensive primary care that emphasises the present notions of oral disease prevention and treatment and stresses the need to maintain both overall and oral health.

-Diagnose and treat the most common diseases and disorders affecting the oral mucosa, jaw bone and salivary gland in patients of all ages and conditions. -Treat disorders and diseases that require the use of simple surgical techniques on hard and soft tissue in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Treat periodontal disease in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Treat cariogenic and non-cariogenic dental pathology, including pulp and periradicular disease in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Restore and replace teeth, ensuring that they have an acceptable shape, function and appearance, in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Treat, to a limited extent, maloclussions in primary, mixed and permanent dentition in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Use adequate techniques to mitigate and treat orofacial pain and the anxiety associated with dental treatment in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Effectively prevent and treat most emergency medical and dental situations that may be associated with dentistry in patients of all ages and conditions.

-Provide uncomplicated, multidisciplinary, sequential and integrated treatment to patients of all ages and conditions.

Health promotion:

By the end of your degree you must be able to achieve the highest level of oral health possible at both individual and community level.

Academic accreditation:

Holder of a degree in Dentistry from UIC Barcelona.

Map of UIC Barcelona Faculty of Dentistry School of Dentistry, Carrer de la Inmaculada #22, Barcelona Spain 08017

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