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Have you considered Holistic Dental Services?

Holistic healthcare is the examination of the patient as a whole, not just their oral care. We believe that the body is one system that, in order to function properly, needs attention as a whole. For example, issues with your gums may be causing issues controlling your diabetes. Holistic care focuses on the benefits of treating the whole body.

Reasons to Choose Holistic Dentistry

We use biocompatible Materials - Many dental treatments typically use toxic materials. However, we believe that you should not add any more toxic chemicals to your body than you are already exposed to on a daily basis. Instead, we use new, bio-compatible materials that do not cause many of the issues that traditional materials cause. Bio-compatible materials are used in fillings, crowns, and orthodontics.

We Practice Safe Mercury Removal - We do not believe in the use of fillings made of mercury because of their toxic materials and we do believe in removing these fillings and replacing them with bio-compatible materials. However, we know that it is important to safely remove mercury fillings so that you do not breathe in or swallow any mercury during the procedure. We utilize many special precautions to keep you as safe as possible during the procedure. 

We Stress Education - We know that the most important part of holistic care is your understanding and education about your body and oral health. We believe in teaching our patients about the benefits of a healthy diet, ingredients to avoid, and organic alternatives for your dental care. We know that by living a more balanced lifestyle, your overall oral and physical health will improve!

by Dr Colin Yoshida

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