David P Marion has offices in Duluth, GA 30097 and is a licensed Dentist in the state of GA. For more information and to set up an appointment call 770-279-8800. License #10695.

David P Marion DDS PC

David P Marion
6745 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite 200
Duluth GA 30097
License: 10695 GA

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through our doors is the peaceful and home-like ambiance of our office.

Stacy will warmly welcome you to our dental practice, provide you with a tablet to complete your documentation on, and explain the next steps. If you’ve already filled out our new patient forms, you can give them to her.

We keep soft music playing to help you relax. Our treatment rooms feature TVs on the ceilings that play soothing videos. We even have a massage dental chair that can help you deeply unwind before your procedure. For your comfort and convenience, we can provide you with a warm towel after teeth cleaning procedures, which can get a little messy.


A native Atlantan who grew up in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody, Georgia, Dr. David Marion graduated in 1988 from the Emory University School of Dentistry.

Childhood Experiences As a child, he had a chemistry set he enjoyed a lot. He also enjoyed working with his hands and would disassemble and put back together antique phones his dad brought from work. When he got to know a wonderful pediatric dentist who embodied how he saw himself as a grownup and realized that dentistry would give him an outlet for his love of science, of working with intricate things, and of working with people, he made up his mind to become a dentist.

A formative experience occurred when he was 15. He was trying to sell his boat and motor so he could purchase a mini-bike. Someone was coming to see it, and his grandmother asked if he had washed it. He told her he didn’t have to. She said, “You go out and wash that boat,” to which he protested, “Why?” She told him, “You can’t sell something that looks like crap!” Her bluntness got his attention, so he washed the boat and sold it that day. He remembered that lesson and from that time forward he made sure everything he did was as presentable as he could make it.

His Dental Practice Dr. Marion feels that his dental school experiences were just the beginning of his training. He continues to pursue continuing education at triple the rate required by the state of Georgia.

Two years out of dental school, he was working with a dentist who had been trained at the Pankey Institute in Florida, where they teach advanced restorative dentistry and bite equilibration. After learning that Dr. Marion had headaches almost daily, the other dentist checked his bite and discovered that he had significant bite irregularities. After 15 minutes of bite equilibration, Dr. Marion was cured of his headaches—they were gone.

So Dr. Marion decided to attend the Pankey Institute himself and qualify himself to provide that level of service. He now says of this work, “When I equilibrate someone who truly needs this and they finally for the first time feel what a solid bite feels like, they look at me like I’m a superhero. This brings me great joy!”

Another of his principal joys in his work comes from his cosmetic dentistry. “I had a CEO of a major company come to us,” he says, “and we noticed that whenever he laughed he’d subconsciously cover his smile with his hand, pretending to be rubbing his chin. The first time we saw him after his smile makeover, he was literally a different man, coming in with confidence on steroids and a massive grin. It makes my day, heck, it makes my month to change someone’s life with a new smile!”

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