Delia Tuttle has offices in Lake Elsinore,, CA 92532 and is a licensed Dentist in the state of CA. For more information and to set up an appointment call 951-244-2311. License #58943.

Canyon Lake Dental

Delia Tuttle
25321 Railroad Canyon Rd.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
License: 58943 CA

Come and meet our highly trained dental professional Dr. Delia Tuttle at Canyon Lake Dental.

Dr. Tuttle’s unique background enables her to provide exceptional care for all her patients, she graduated from UCLA in 2009 with the prestigious Dean’s leadership award and Dr. Tuttle also graduated from Medical School in Romania in 2000 where she practiced as a physician before she became a dentist. This experience in the medical field helps compromised patients to receive the best dental care.

Since then Dr. Tuttle has enjoyed practicing all aspects of general dentistry including but not limited to wisdom teeth extractions, bone grafting, implants, gum surgery, root canals, dentures, partials and cosmetic dentistry. When she is not creating beautiful smiles, she spends time with her husband CJ and her son Alexander. Dr. Tuttle believes that Zumba exercise is the best stress reliever after a full day of work. She would like to be on Dancing with the stars but she is not that famous, yet…………

Dr. Tuttle is professional, ethical, gentle and a good listener. She has the capability of easing patient’s anxiety about dental work so they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Dr. Tuttle believes that a great smile creates pride in a patient’s self-image and will open doors for them throughout their lives. As a bonus she also speaks English, Spanish and Romanian.

Map of Canyon Lake Dental 25321 Railroad Canyon Rd., #501, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

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