Quocbao Tran has offices in Soledad, CA 93960 and is a licensed Dentist in the state of CA. For more information and to set up an appointment call 831-678-9352. License #48195.

Mission Dental

Quocbao Tran
2530 H Dela Rosa Sr St
Soledad CA 93960
License: 48195 CA

Mission Dental is located in the heart of Soledad, California on H Dela Rosa Sr/4th street. We are serving our community with an excellent dental care. Doctor Quocbao Tran, D.M.D. leads the team of professional and caring dental staff. With advanced knowledge together with high-tech equipment, Dr. Tran and his team can deliver quality dental care to his patients. Whether your dental needs are in general dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, come in for a consultation.


Dr. Quocbao Tran graduated from Temple University, School of Dentistry in year 2000 for his D.M.D degree. Before that he was majored in Biotechnology in San Francisco State University. He worked for several years as an associate in Salinas and San Jose after his graduation before he found Mission Dental in Soledad in year 2005 to serve patients in South Monterey County.

He has been a member of American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Monterey County Dental Association, and World Clinical Laser Institute. Dr. Tran’s passion is to use advanced knowledge together with high-tech equipment to deliver quality dental care to his patients.

Map of Mission Dental 2530 H Dela Rosa Sr St, Soledad CA 93960

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