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ADA Practice Transitions expands nationally in October

When Dr. Shanna L. Gagnon was looking for an associate dentist to join her practice, she considered one factor as the most important in finding a successful hire: practice philosophy.  

“Personality definitely plays a role as well, but if the doctor and the new associate do not have the same philosophy of care, it will not work out,” she said.   To ensure she found an associate with a similar practice philosophy in her search, Dr. Gagnon decided to try a new service offered by the ADA a try.“I took the ADAPT application very seriously and put a lot of thought into it as I filled out my profile,” she said. “I figured that the more complete and honest the profile, the more likely I would be matched with the right candidate.”

In July, Dr. Gagnon officially welcomed Dr. Jessica Sikora to her practice, Gagnon Dental in Farmingdale, Maine. The two were matched by ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT), a service backed by the ADA focused on helping dentists make the process of joining or leaving a practice predictable and successful. This occurred as Dr. Sikora neared graduation from the University of New England College of Dental Medicine earlier this year.

Come October, dentists nationwide will be able to take advantage of the ADA Practice Transitions like Drs. Gagnon and Sikora.The service announced Sept. 9 it is expanding its services to all 50 states and is encouraging dentists to answer three quick questions at to become an ADAPT Insider and receive early access to create a profile before the October opening. By filling out the form, dentists will also be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

Dr. Gagnon, who serves on the Maine Dental Association board of directors, was impressed by a presentation on ADA Practice Transitions last fall, and began her profile right away, as Maine was an early pilot state for ADA Practice Transitions.

“I could not be happier with my new associate, Dr. Sikora,” she said. “It is very obvious that the ADA has done their homework in attempting to set up a successful matching service.”ADA Practice Transitions piloted the service in Wisconsin, Maine, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire for dentists seeking to join or purchase a practice in those states who are looking to hire an associate or find someone to purchase their practice.

“ADA members, volunteer leaders and state associations all over the country have expressed interest in what ADA Practice Transitions is doing, and so we are happy to be able to expand nationally,” said Dr. Kirk Norbo, ADA Business Innovation Group board chair. “Part of the value of ADA Practice Transitions is its ability to use the platform to match dentists nationwide for those who are seeking to move to a different state. We anticipate that over time, the ADA Practice Transitions platform and methodology will become the first choice for dentists seeking a transition.”   

Through ADA Practice Transitions, dentists receive:

• Matches with dentists or practices that aligns with their personal and professional goals.

• Step-by-step support from a dedicated ADA advisor.

• Customized resources and help defining the right path.

ADA Practice Transitions helps retiring owners find the right person to continue to care for their patients, and helps owners hire associates who share a similar philosophy of care, ensuring a successful transition and continuity of care for patients.In addition, ADA Practice Transitions helps buyers and associates find the practice that fits their criteria and shares their goals.

ADA Practice Transitions can also help a dentist explore and narrow down their options to provide more confidence in taking their next steps.

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