Center of Dental Medicine University of Zurich

School of Dental Medicine
Plattenstrasse 11
Zurich Switzerland 8032

The Center of Dental Medicine (ZZM) has a long history as a research center of excellence in Dentistry.

Our Research benefits our dentists and thereby patient treatment and facilitates novel and diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Our Research is organized aroaund specific clinical or biomedical relevant problems.

Laboratory or clinic-based research that addresses a specific cilinical or biological problem.

The Departmental research activity and areas of expertise comprise a wide range and multi-faceted perspectives of orthodontic research relevant to the constituent academic sections, which include Cleft clinic, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.

The research portfolio of the Department is extended across areas of clinical, basic and applied interest, for these three components in biomaterials and bonding, clinical orthodontics, systematic diseases and oral manifestations, and a developing component of basic research.

Research Topics:

Oral and Craniofacial Biology.

Craniofacial pathology.

Biomaterials Digital technologies Conservative dentistry Reconstructive dentistry Preventive dentistry

The specific topics of the respective aforementioned research areas include:

In vivo-ageing and clinical implications in bonding and mechanotherapy;

Enamel involvement in orthodontic bonding from the aspect of alteration in gloss, color, roughness and composition/structure;

Development and testing of new adhesives based on non-Bis-GMA containing monomer systems;

Release of compounds from polymeric materials in the oral environment; BPA release and estrogenicity of polymers;

Retention protocols, properties of retainer materials and trends in retention schemes among clinicians;

Modern imaging methods and their accuracy and interpretation; rapid palatal expansion and associated effects on mandibular arches;

Aesthetics and dental arch dimension in treated cleft patients; TAD research and methods to improve their stability;

Clinical assessment of oral function in patients with rheumatoid arthritis;

Cephalometric assessment of growing individuals and airway;

And basic research on PDL properties in tension in health and disease using a cell culture model and clinically-derived markers of PDL loading during tooth movement in patients with autoimmune diseases.

The Department maintains an active collaboration with Universities and research centers in the USA (Marquette), UK (Manchester), Germany (Bonn), Greece (Athens), and Switzerland (Bern, Geneva).

Map of Center of Dental Medicine University of Zurich School of Dental Medicine, Plattenstrasse 11, Zurich Switzerland 8032

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