Universidade de Sao Paulo School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes 2227
Butanta Sao Paulo 05508


Integrated to the University of São Paulo, the School of Dentistry is based on teaching, research and university extension.

The mission of the USP School of Dentistry is to train Dental Surgeons, enabling them to become professionals in order to respond to the demands of society, looking for improvements in the oral healthcare of the population; as well as to train graduated students of Dentistry through stricto sensu graduate programs (Master or Doctoral), which are intended to thrive leadership in lecturing and dental research. The pursuit for new knowledge by training highly qualified human resources in Dentistry, through innovative practices, allows FOUSP to be integrated into the widest range of academic purposes of the University as a whole. Therefore, the development of research of professors and students is part of the mission of this School, with the intention to bring benefits to society.

The set of offered disciplines for undergraduate students embraces innovative contents, which are essential for a healthcare professional to improve its performance and relationship with other human beings, taking into account a humanistic education. Dental training based on a generalist, humanistic, ethical, critical and reflexive education requires contribution from different fields of knowledge. It consists of a primary scientific, social and professional syllabus, which is conveyed by an integrating approach when attending the community at the clinics of undergraduates and postgraduates.

Scientific knowledge brings skills and behaviors which make it possible to decide and operate with safety and ownership when dealing with prevention and treatment of oral and maxillofacial pathologies; also when offering healthcare assistance to society.


FOUSP maintains an active leadership role in Dentistry education in the State, in the country and in South America, fact which is substantiated by several international rankings from the last few years. This is the reason why FOUSP raises paradigms, which imply great responsibility in the academic activities of its professors, students and employees, besides its impact in teaching, research and university extension, regarding the prospects of professional practice and academic activity in Dentistry.

FOUSP hopes to consolidate such status in the next years by improving its syllabus and its research methods, both in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It also hopes to keep being a reference in its clinical care guidance to society, as well as being a leader in technological innovation in Dentistry.

On December 1, 1900, the Board of the Free School of Pharmacy approved the proposition of Professors Macedo Soares and Luiz Pinto de Queiroz to include the discipline of Dental Prosthesis in their curriculum. This was done with the intention of annexing the discipline with other existing disciplines to establish the “Dental Art Program”. Physician José Valeriano de Souza and dental surgeons Vieira Salgado and Emílio Mallet were appointed as the professors of the program. At that moment, the teaching of dentistry in the State of São Paulo became official.

In 1902, the Free School of Pharmacy was renamed “School of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Obstetrics of São Paulo”.

On November 5, 1904, the foundation of the new school building was laid at Rua Três Rios, in Bom Retiro. On October 12, 1905, the new building was inaugurated. In that same year, by decree 1.371, the Union began to recognize the diplomas issued by the school, which allowed its graduates to practice their profession throughout the national territory.

The 1920s were marked by a period of regional turbulence. From 1920 to 1932, the school was involved in a generalized process of deterioration due to inadequate legislation. This culminated to the loss of the schools “federal equivalence status” and the federal decree which closed state dental schools in 1931. In 1932, by intervention of the State Government, there was the acquisition of the assets of the school. Dr. Benedito Montenegro was in charge with the responsibility for reorganizing and restarting the activity of the school, which was renamed the “Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry”. By decree 6.231, the State assumed the administration of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry in December 19, 1933. On January 25, 1934, the governor of São Paulo, Armando Salles de Oliveira, founded the University of São Paulo (USP) which led to incorporation of the school under the umbrella of USP.

Within that same year, the disciplines of Electrotherapy and Applied Radiology and Oral Surgery, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics were associated with the dentistry program. In 1935, the “XXV Academic Center of January” was founded by the Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry of the University of São Paulo. During this time, the school experienced a period of expansion in all sectors. New laboratories and clinics were inaugurated and the library was reorganized. Technological laboratories were installed to support the discipline of Industrial Pharmaceutical Chemistry while a new clinic was established to house pediatric dentistry clinical sessions. At the time, this was all unheard of in Brazil. In 1941, the USP Faculty of Pharmacy and Dentistry was considered as “the best pharmaceutical and dental teaching establishment in Brazil”. In 1941, Prof. Américo Mariel de Castro took office and remained for 5 years. He inaugurated the Anatomy and Prosthodontics Pavilion and began to hire foreign teachers. During his administration, more than 3 volumes of the school´s research work were edited and published in the form of annals.

Professor João Sampaio Dória was director from March 1946 until November of the same year and was succeeded by Cyro Silva who directed until June 1948. Throughout 1948 to 1954, the administrations of Professor Paulo de Toledo Artigas established a night school model for Dentistry and Pharmacy as well as the postgraduate programs for pharmacists. He modernized and enriched the library, making it one of the most complete in the fields of Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Dentistry. Moreover, he hired Professore Arthur Gobel, admittedly one of the great authorities in the USA, to head the Dental Techniques course.

From 1957 to 1960 Professor João Sampaio Doria was reelected. He was then replaced by Professor Antonio Adamastor Corrêa.

By decree 40.346, of July 7, 1962, the Pharmacy and Dentistry courses were separated, giving rise to two distinct schools. The first was the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, now known as the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The second was the University of São Paulo School of Dentistry (FOUSP). At that time, Professor Antonio Adamastor Correa was director and remained from 1960 to 1972.

Professor Antonio Adamastor Correa authorized the construction of new facilities. Firstly a new building was constructed to house the Anatomy, Radiology and Prosthodontics disciplines while a second building was constructed to house Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Legal Dentistry disciplines. Furthermore, a new clinic with 25 chairs was also built along with the expansion of the main dentistry building.

Professor Antonio Adamastor Correa also sanctioned the building of other facilities on Luciano Gualberto Avenue to accommodate the disciplines of the 1st and 2nd years (Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Dental Materials).

In 1963, Mendel Abramovicz became the first doctor produced by FOUSP. His thesis was entitled “Contribution to the study of chronology eruption of permanent teeth in Jews of the Askenazin ethnic group belonging high socioeconomic groups – its explanation in the estimation of age “.

The relocation of part of the college to the University City led to the acquisition of land and the beginning of the construction of the building where FOUSP is currently installed at Av. Lineu Prestes, 2227.

During the period of 1968 to 1989 The USP School of Dentistry was relocated from the Três Rios Street building to 2227 Avenue Lineu Prestes on the Cidade Universitária campus. From 1982 clinical services were performed in clinics located in the basement of the University Hospital.

Prof. José Fortunato Ferreira Santos acted as the Dean of FOUSP between 1997 to 2000. In 2000 the USP School of Dentistry of USP celebrated its 100 year anniversary by publishing the “100 years FOUSP” catalog.

In 2001, Prof. Edmir Matson returned and served as Dean for another 3 years.

In 2004 Prof. Ney Soares de Araujo became Dean and remained until 2005.

In 2006, Prof. Carlos de Paula Eduardo became Dean and made numerous improvements to the FOUSP buildings. He modernized the facilities and created the oral biology laboratory, among others. On July 11, 2006, the new FOUSP clinic composing of 205 clinical stations was inaugurated. The new clinic would facilitate approximately 138 thousand clinical consultations per year.

Between 2009 to 2013 and under the leadership of Prof. Rodney Garcia Rocha as Dean, FOUSP continued to train competent professors and health professionals. During this time, FOUSP became more renowned as a center of excellence in research and teaching both nationally and internationally.

In November 2013 Prof. Waldyr Antônio Jorge assumes the role of Dean with Prof. Dr. Giorgio De Micheli as vice director during the period 2013 to 2017. Over these years, FOUSP made numerous advances in the health and oral aesthetic sectors, as well as curricular reform. The school strengthened its training focused on public health and primary health care.

In recent years, FOUSP has been dedicated to increasing our visibility on the international scene. In search of “internationalization“, partnerships have already been established with universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

For the quadrennium 2017-2021, FOUSP is under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Rodney Garcia Rocha, as Dean and Prof. Dr. Giulio Gavini, as Vice-Director.

Map of Universidade de Sao Paulo School of Dentistry School of Dentistry, Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes 2227, Butanta Sao Paulo 05508

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