Medical University of South Carolina

College of Dental Medicine
173 Ashley Ave
Charleston SC 29425

The James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine educates individuals as dentists who have not only the fundamental knowledge of the profession, but also the qualities and characteristics required of dentists as leaders of dental teams and members of community health teams. The college has both full- and part-time faculty members with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience who have generated a scholarly and self-critical educational environment. Teaching takes precedence and faculty members are rewarded for achievement. The associated activities of dental education, the treatment of patients, and service to the public are practiced to the highest standards. The physical facilities, the clinical and technical procedures, and the efforts of faculty and auxiliary personnel are directed toward treating each patient competently as a whole person.

Research is an integral part of our education program as it trains our students to think critically, be curious and become life-long learners, which fundamentally makes them better clinicians. Although all students in the College of Dental Medicine are required to perform some research during their education, multiple opportunities exist with varying length and intensity of the research. These opportunities include: literature research, a 10 week summer program, a one year clinical research program leading to a Master’s degree, and a D.M.D./Ph.D. as part of the NIH funded Dental Scientist Training Program. Approximately 295 students are currently enrolled in the College of Dental Medicine’s four-year program leading to a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree. Before receiving their degrees, dental students must be able to recognize and assess disease as it affects the oral cavity and to appreciate the systemic effects of oral disease, to understand the effects of systemic and local therapy on oral health, and to treat or refer for treatment not only the disease but the patient as a whole. A dentist must be capable of preventing oral disease and maintaining and restoring oral health. A dentist must also be aware of his or her professional limitations, be motivated to seek the patient’s best interests, and have the self-confidence to ask others to participate in the treatment of patients.

Throughout their professional lives, dentists must add to their knowledge by evaluating their own observations and those of others, this ability having been engendered by a critical approach to learning and cultural competence. Dentists must work closely with medical and paramedical colleagues and must adapt to a rapidly changing practice environment. For this reason, the College of Dental Medicine encourages critical thinking through a critical thinking initiative for the faculty and activities focused on critical thinking through case studies and discussion.

The College of Dental Medicine is the dental school of the Medical University of South Carolina. It is located in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, United States. It is the only dental school in South Carolina.

Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine is a part of Medical University of South Carolina. The school was established in 1953, and the first graduating class from the College of Dental Medicine received DMD degrees in June 1971. In 2010, the college was officially renamed the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine.

Completed in Fall 2009, the James B. Edwards Dental Clinics Building is one of newest and most advanced dental clinic facilities in the nation. Its bold lines and innovative architecture have helped make this building a leading example for many dental schools currently building new clinical facilities. With over 120,000 square feet, all departments and clinics have enough room to grow as needed while continuing to deliver the highest level of dental care.

The Basic Science Building and Dental Clinics Building sit on land that once housed the Charleston Arsenal during the Civil War. The land was later donated to form the Porter Gaud School, which moved to a new campus, thus allowing for the creation of the Medical University of South Carolina at its current location in downtown peninsular Charleston, SC.

Admission to the College of Dental Medicine at MUSC is very competitive. There are roughly 900 applications for a class of 70 seats. Roughly 15 of the seats are reserved for out-of-state students, while the remaining 55 seats are reserved for South Carolina residents. For the Class of 2016, the average cumulative undergraduate GPA was a 3.65. The average DAT academic average (AA) was a 19, and a perceptual ability (PAT) score of 20.

MUSC is the most expensive public dental school in the United States for in-state residents. For non-South Carolinians, MUSC is the third most expensive dental school, public or private, in the United States.

The MUSC College of Dental Medicine is one of the premier clinical schools in the country, with classes reported to score well above the national average on the NBDE Parts I and II, leading to very high match rates for dental specialty residency programs. MUSC has a very strong clinical reputation, with recent NBDE Part II scores ranking as high as 5th best among all dental schools in the country. As of January 2012, both parts of the NBDE will be rated on a pass/fail basis, eliminating the numerical score.

Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine awards following degrees:

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Map of Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine, 173 Ashley Ave, Charleston SC 29425

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