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3 Hereditary Dental Issues to Watch For

Many common dental health concerns are affected by genetics, which is why your dentist will ask about your family history at appointments. While a genetic predisposition doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get the condition, it does affect your risk for it, and your dental care should be adjusted to account for it. Below are a few common dental issues that you should watch for. 

A Guide to Dental Conditions That Are Genetic

1. Gum Disease:

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, has been linked to a family history of the condition. If one or more members of your family have had gum disease, you’re more likely to get it, even if you brush and floss daily. A genetic test can be done to analyze your risk, along with taking your family history, so that defensive measures can be taken, like using plaque-fighting products and having more frequent checkups from a dentist.

2. Cavities:

Tooth decay is caused by bacterial excretions that erode your enamel, and it can lead to tooth loss and treatments like dental crowns. It’s generally associated with poor diet and oral hygiene, but scientists have shown that it could also occur due to genetic susceptibility to the bacteria in your mouth. Family history and genetic testing can determine your risk for tooth decay, and preventive measures like sealants, fluoride treatments, and rigorous oral health can minimize the risk.

3. Jaw-Related Issues

The size of your jaw is determined by genetics, and if your jaw size is off, it can lead to dental issues. For example, if it’s too small, then crowding and crooked teeth are common. If it’s large, gaps and misalignments will occur. Small jaws also have a higher risk of impacted wisdom teeth, as they don’t have space to emerge properly.

If your family history includes the need for orthodontic solutions or impacted wisdom tooth removal services, chances are that you will need them, too. X-rays or digital imaging can determine the positioning of wisdom teeth and the likelihood of issues coming up, while braces will help correct misaligned teeth.

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