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Daily Habits That You Need to Stop Doing to Protect Your Gum Health

The fear of getting cavities motivates people to become obsessed with oral hygiene. Who likes to have holes in the teeth that grow bigger and deeper over time, anyway? But if you think proper dental hygiene only benefits the teeth—think again. Those pearly whites are not just the only structures inside the mouth; holding them are those delicate pink tissues that need appropriate care too! So whenever people brush, floss, and rinse their mouths, they are doing their gum health a favor. On the flip side, they are welcoming gum disease if they continue to follow bad habits.

Gum disease is the inflammation of the gums as well as the bone that surrounds the teeth. It becomes dangerous when it advances. Our recommendation is for people to see us at McMillan Family Dental right away once symptoms of gum disease are felt. We can provide scaling and root planing, which can cure gingivitis effectively. But since our team is a firm believer of the old cliche that says, “prevention is always better than cure,” we encourage everyone to prevent gum disease in as much as they can. Below are some of the daily bad habits that they need to cease from doing.

Not Getting Enough Nourishment

What people feed to themselves can affect their dental health much. When they choose sugary snacks over fresh vegetables and fruits, they have a higher tendency to experience gum disease the fact that bacterias feast on sweets. Those who consume lots of acidic beverages rather than plain water are at risk for the said condition as well. Observing a healthy diet can boost gum health, on the other hand. Foods like yogurt, lean meats, fruits, and other dairy products help the pink tissues stay in excellent shape.

Sharing of Foods and Toothbrushes

Gum disease is a bacterial illness, which means that it can spread from one person to another. A mere act of food sharing or borrowing of toothbrushes can place a peril to gum health. Moreover, even using straws of your friend or siblings should be avoided as this too can aggravate gum disease.

Not Flossing Every Day

Flossing is vital to the overall oral health, just like brushing. Sadly, not all people comply with this simple oral care routine. Flossing is quite a hassle for some; others find running thread flosses back and forth between their teeth uncomfortable. So to counter these issues, it is good to invest in a good floss. You can consider switching to a water flosser if you find it challenging to use string floss. Whatever type you choose, just don’t skip flossing.

Gum health is very important. It is not good to compromise the gums as these tissues can impact not just the teeth but the other parts of the body at the same time.

by McMilan Family Dental

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