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Dental Associates in Northeast Wisconsin is using new devices to help stop the spread of COVID-19

It's called Mr. Thirsty.

"We use our cavitron. That cavitron produces aerosol so bacteria, viral products are produced," Hygienists Ann Leclair said.

The purple device helps reduce aerosols, or spray, that comes from a person's mouth and are sent out into the air. "Essentially it just sucks it in so it's not at risk to myself or to patients," Leclair said.

Leclair said otherwise droplets can reach as far as six feet from your mouth.  The Mr. Thirsty website touts the ability to cut aerosol spread by 90%.

Dental Associates is also taking other actions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  "Every time I come into work, I have to get my temperature taken to make sure I don't have any symptoms of COVID or any symptoms," said Leclair. "Each patient that comes in gets their temperature taken as well."

Patients also have to rinse their mouth with a peroxide solution.


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