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Five Signs You Need Dental Braces Again

The best way to know if braces are the right option for you is to have a formal consultation. 

Signs You Need Dental Braces Again

1. Tooth Crowding

This occurs when the teeth overlap each other or start to do so. Crowding causes damage in several ways, including leading to gaps. It can also be a higher risk for the development of gum disease because crowding makes it harder to clean the teeth properly.

2. Overbites

An overbite occurs when the upper row of teeth extends beyond the bottom teeth, creating an uneven smile. Braces can help to properly align the teeth to minimize or eliminate this condition.

3. Underbite

This occurs when the lower jaw and teeth extend further forward than the upper row. This, too, can be corrected by braces, in many cases.

4. Crooked Teeth

Sometimes, the teeth do not have the proper vertical appearance. When this happens, it may cause misalignment of the upper and lower teeth and adds to the risk of gum disease.

5. Challenges to Function

Some people may benefit from braces if they have jaw pain, especially that’s worsening, trouble chewing, or difficulty speaking. Additionally, the presence of gum disease and early tooth decay can also indicate a problem with alignment.

Adult Braces May Correct Many Problems

Often, people think of braces as something children need. That’s not the case. Rather, adult braces are some of the best solutions available today. These options for adult braces allow the adult teeth, even those fully grown and in place, to be moved properly, though slightly, over time. It may take longer to correct these problems than in children, but it can still be very beneficial.

Braces Options – Finding the Right Tool for Your Needs

To correct any of these types of problems, an orthodontist may recommend more than one type of bracing product. It is still possible to purchase metal braces, the type that affixes to the teeth and needs tightening over time. However, many people are choosing dental aligners.

Aligners allow for the movement of teeth with a gentle force. The aligner, which may be clear, is placed into the mouth, over the teeth. As long as it is there, it is working to correct your smile. Over time, aligners can create the desired improvements without as much discomfort or pain as other products.

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