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Top Must-Do Teeth Brushing Tips For a Good Oral Health

Good oral health is a must to live a healthy lifestyle but we often do not prioritize it, unlike our other body parts. This is absolute injustice with oral health. Let us ask you a few questions. How often do you replace your toothbrush or what was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? It may be too long ago, right! Well, another question for you is- How often do you brush your teeth in a day? Of course, the answer is “one time in the morning” by the majority, right! One more question for you- How often do you clean your tongue? Well, you don’t need to answer because we know the facts. 

According to the databases of dentists in McKinney TX, a huge number of dental patients, more than half of the dental patients do not clean their tongue nicely. Some of them do not even clean it once a day. So, people are very careless about brushing teeth, giving time to properly cleaning the tongue, and overall oral health. This causes an occurrence of a number of different oral health problems such as gum bleeding, bad breath, yellow & stained teeth, cavity, infections, sensitivity, etc. Therefore, it is very important to take care of dental hygiene. 

In this detailed note, we have compiled top must-do brushing tips for maintaining dental hygiene and overall good oral health. By following the below-mentioned tips, you can live a healthy life and enhance the charming beauty of your smile. 


The teeth brushing tips we shared in this piece of dental information may seem very common things but when it comes to applying it into daily routine, very few people do it properly. Therefore, as a professional dental assistant, it is our duty to regularly aware you about your oral health, and we are doing the same through this piece of dental information. Make sure you not only read these tips but apply these to your daily routine. This will benefit you, not us. 


Every dental specialist and dentists in Mckinney TX suggest this to every dental patient but very few people follow this point. The reason could be that people do not want to be bothered brushing again & again a day. According to the dental patients we treat, this is the biggest reason they avoid brushing twice a day. Well, we don’t think brushing is a boring or bothering activity. It is a must-do activity and you must not be bothered brushing your teeth twice a day. It hardly takes 3-5 minutes to nicely brush and clean your teeth. So, you should brush your teeth twice a day. 

Furthermore, if you eat too much oily, spicy, and strong foods like non-veg and fast foods then you should brush your teeth after eating these foods. It is a must-do thing more than anything because some grain and particles of food are stuck between your teeth and stay too long. This causes tooth decay, infections, bad breath, teeth worms, and yellow & stained teeth. So, make sure you always brush your teeth after eating too much spicy and oily foods otherwise you can be in huge trouble in the near future. 


Brushing your teeth does not mean brushing your teeth only. It is about cleaning your teeth, cleaning your tongue, and removing all the food particles from teeth and gums. That means brushing your teeth means caring overall oral health. Tongue hygiene does not get as much attention as teeth cleaning. People often forget to clean their tongues when brushing while tongue cleaning is equally important. You can either use a tongue cleaning tool or your brush to properly clean your tongue. Dentists in McKinney TX highly recommend you maintain your tongue hygiene all day otherwise you will have to face bad and smelly breathing. It will not only build you up to disturb other people around you. So, whenever you brush your teeth, don’t forget to clean your tongue nicely. 


You clean your teeth twice a day in the morning and evening but you eat all day. You eat so many different spicy & oily dishes, fast foods, snacks, drinks, and sugar-rich items and some particles of these foods stay in your mouth all day. Sometimes, this causes food-flavor breath or smelly breath. This thing can lead you down among a few people when talking. Therefore, using mouthwash or mouth freshener repeatedly a day is a good option to maintain your oral hygiene and keep your surroundings full of fragrance. There are so many different brands’ mouthwashes and mouth fresheners are available in the market. Don’t choose any of them without consulting with dentists in McKinney TX. Make sure you consult first with a dentist and then buy a mouthwash and mouth freshener for maintaining your oral health.


At the starting of this piece of information, you were asked- how often do you replace your toothbrush? What is your answer? You probably replace your toothbrush every 6 months. Well! According to modern dentistry, a person should replace his/her toothbrush every three months because the toothbrush loses its effectiveness after three months. Also, they get rough and damaged that can cause gum injuries, gum bleeding, and lips injuries. Apart from this, fungus and bacteria can occur on your brushes after a certain period, and obviously, that is not good for your oral health. So, make sure you do not use a single brush for more than three months as it will be harmful to your oral health. 

by Valley Creek Dental Care

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