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Two most overlooked dental issues that could become very bad

You hear about crazy illnesses all the time that affect your teeth and gums. However, the majority of diseases that happen in your mouth are eminently treatable- if they are caught early.If you don't catch these diseases early, they have the potential to become deadly. Do you have questions about these diseases? We have the solution.

1.-Gum Disease:

More adults lose their teeth and gums due to gum disease than any other disease. Gum disease as well as tooth decay is caused by bacteria. The bacteria in your mouth can be kept at bay because you are brushing and flossing your teeth. However, if you don't practice good oral hygiene, you can end up with gum disease. At the early stage, your gums become red and inflamed.They may bleed when you brush or floss. Stage One of gingivitis/gum disease is treatable. However, if the disease progresses, spaces will develop between your teeth and gums. These spaces, or pockets, contain infection. If they aren't treated, the infection can cause you to lose teeth and gum tissue. The infection can also cause problems with your heart, can make diabetes worse, and can also make lung disease worse as well.

2.-Oral Cancer:

Like gum disease, oral cancer, if caught in the early stages, is very treatable. The problem is that oral cancer is difficult to catch in the early stages. It is not painful, and often appears as a bump on your cheek, gum or tongue. When you come in for your checkups, we always check for oral cancer. If we see a spot that needs to be tested, we can do that right away. The earlier you begin treatment, the better. However, if oral cancer is not caught early, it can be deadly.

by Smiles by Bigelow

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