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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Have you ever heard the saying: “Look good, feel good, play good?” There’s some truth to that. A misshapen, discolored, or damaged smile can be a major confidence killer for some individuals — and it’s tough to function at peak efficiency if you’re constantly worried about the way your teeth look. Fortunately, the smile you deserve can be obtained through cosmetic dentistry.

With the help of veneers, crowns, bonding, whitening, fillings, crowns, and other procedures, you can correct the following cosmetic dental issues:

8 Issues That Can Be Corrected With Cosmetic Dentistry

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps in your smile can be easily corrected with porcelain veneers or a simple bonding procedure. Cosmetic bonding is the quicker and more affordable choice, and the process often requires just one trip to the dentist. Veneers will last longer, however, so your ideal solution will depend on a number of factors, which you should discuss with your dentist. 

Stains & Discoloration

If your smile’s brightness is fading due to the ebbs and flows of daily life, you can make it four to eight shades brighter with the help of our two-step whitening system. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: A dentist takes an impression of your teeth to make a customized, reusable whitening tray. 

Step 2: Fill the tray with whitening gel and apply to your teeth for a short time period each day.

A few days of this is all you need to rejuvenate the color of your teeth. Let us know if you need a deep dental cleaning near Tysons Corner, Ballston, or anywhere else close to Arlington, VA!

Misshapen Teeth

A dentist can correct misshapen teeth with one of various cosmetic procedures, depending on your specific circumstances. Here are some of the most common methods dentists use to correct misshapen teeth:




Inlays & Onlays

No two mouths are the same, so your ideal solution may differ from other individuals. Let us know if you have questions about any of these procedures. 

Chips & Cracks

A noticeably cracked or chipped tooth doesn’t just look bad — it can hurt pretty bad, too! You can fix teeth that are chipped and/or cracked with the help of fillings, porcelain veneers, or cosmetic bonding. However, severely damaged teeth may require treatment that falls outside of the scope of cosmetic dentistry (we can help with that too).

Irregularly Sized Teeth

A smile that lacks consistency in regards to tooth size can be corrected with the help of veneers. Additionally, a dentist can change the shape and size of your teeth by removing small amounts of enamel during a procedure known as contouring, which is commonly combined with cosmetic bonding to produce the desired results.  


Crowding is a dental problem that many individuals correct with braces, but veneers can be used in cases where the crowding is mild. Crowns are another option to consider. However, neither of these options actually straighten your original teeth — they simply make your teeth appear straighter by removing enamel from select areas and covering up or removing crooked parts. 

Tooth Decay

If you are experiencing tooth decay or cavities, you can correct the problem with fillings, crowns, and/or cosmetic bonding. Like other procedures, the best solution for your particular case of tooth decay may vary depending on your circumstances. Be sure to discuss the issue (where it hurts, potential causes of decay, etc.) in depth with your dentist!

Minor Bite Problems

Individuals with minor bite issues (overbite, open bite, crossbite, etc.) can sometimes correct the problem with cosmetic dentistry. But orthodontic services are usually required for fixing mild-to-severe bite problems. If you have a bite problem and you are unsure about its severity, just ask one of our dental experts for help!

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