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School of Dental Medicine
237 Luoyu Road
Wuhan Hubei 430079

The School of Stomatology, Wuhan University (WHUSS) was founded in 1960 and was the first dental school totally established by the new Chinese government. In 2000, WHUSS was incorporated into the Wuhan University. Due to great efforts in the past several decades, it has become one of the best stomatological schools in China, providing dental education, research and comprehensive oral health care.

Since its foundation, WHUSS provides outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate and specialist dental training for qualified students from all over the country and overseas. Under the guidance of experienced tutors, the students could gain rich knowledge in biomedical sciences as well as clinical skills. Additional training in patient care could also be obtained at affiliated hospital under the supervision of skillful and experienced clinical teachers with a focus on the application of the latest research findings. All the members in the school regard themselves as long-life learners.

WHUSS is also the main center in dental research in China. Research, whether conducted in a laboratory, clinic, or community, is a vital activity in dentistry. As a part of a university, which strongly promotes and supports research, the faculty is active in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. Undergraduate and postgraduate students have the opportunity to address an extensive variety of dental research questions, supported by comprehensive information facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and internationally renowned scholars.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic (OMSC) is a National Key Clinical Specialty. Now there are 11 full-time surgeons on the staff, including 1 professor (chief physician), 4 associate professor (associate chief physician), 6 attending physician. Among them, 9 persons have the doctor degree. In addition, there are 12 professor or associate professor rotating in expert clinic every week.

The OMSC provides comprehensive surgical treatment of all oral and maxillofacial problems, including surgical tooth extraction, minor tumor resection, infections diagnosis and treatment, cosmetic maxillofacial surgery and other treatment projects.

Specialties What We Treat and What We Provide

Special dentoalveolar surgery: Tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal, laughing gas (nitrous oxide) for sedation and analgesia, computer aided anesthesia, electrocardiogram monitoring, minimally invasive tooth extraction, tooth extraction using piezosurgery, immediate implantation, alveolar bone preservation.

Oral and maxillofacial cosmetic surgery: we perform plastic surgery, such as facial contouring, double eyelid forming, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, blepharoplasty, scar shaping. Minimally invasive injection plastic surgery, such as autologous fat filling, Botox injection, hyaluronic acid injection. Laser cosmetic, such as facial scar laser treatment, pigment laser treatment.

Vascular malformation and hemangioma treatment: We perform comprehensive treatment for Vascular malformation and hemangioma, such as medicine treatment (oral medicine, local injection, topical inunction), laser treatment (Nd-YAG laser, 595-dye laser), and surgical treatment.

Minor oral and maxillofacial surgery

Pre-prosthetic oral surgery

Mandibular and maxillary Cysts

Soft tissue biopsy

Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital, known as the birthplace of China's modern dental science education, was founded in 1960.

For the past 100 years, Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital has enjoyed the reputation as the 'Mecca' of China's higher education in dental sciences. With the notion of “excellent, dedicative, skilled and competitive”, the college nurtures the nation's top educators and leading scholars in dental sciences and the backbones who chose to preside over many of the nation's colleges of stomatology.

Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital employs the integration model of teaching, clinical care, and research. This college has faculty and staff of 417. Among them, there are 128 senior faculty members, 38 mentors for Ph.D., 57 mentors for M.S.

West China College of Stomatology has five instruction departments embedding with 24 research sub-units that cover the fields of basic science of stomatology, oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. Accredited doctoral degree programs are offered in Clinical Science of Stomatology and Basic Science of Stomatology which have been included into National Quality Courses. The college offers five-year bachelor's degree programs, seven-year master's degree programs, and eight-year doctoral degree programs.

Awards and honorable titles are bestowed upon its faculty members by national and provincial institutions because of their achievements. To name a few: three National Doctoral Theses, one faculty member as a chief scientist for the nation's 973 Project, two as Eminent Professor with Thousand Talent Project, one as the nation's Eminent Professor, two as Eminent Professor with National Changjiang project, two as award-winners of National Outstanding Youth Foundation, two professors as the members of Discipline Review Group of State Department, two professors as National Talents by Ministry of Human Resource Administration, 16 as New Millennium Talents by National Ministry of Education, one as Eminent Professor by the National Ministry of Science and Technology, two as Specialist by National Ministry of Public Health.

Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital has long been ranked as one of the nation's top hospitals. It functions as the clinical treatment center for oral diseases and maxillofacial surgery in China because of its abilities to provide the full range of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. The hospital has a 54,540-square-meter new clinical building which hosts 350 dental units and 260 in-patient beds. It annually treats about 400,000 outpatients (including emergency cases) and admits 4,000 inpatients among whom about 3,500 receive operations.

Map of School of Stomatology Wuhan University School of Dental Medicine, 237 Luoyu Road, Wuhan Hubei 430079

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